Why Greenbase 

Greenbase is strategically owned by Nexcom since 2012 to strengthen the advancements in technology with innovative solutions for a wide range of video AIoT applications. As a major supplier of quality video network devices to tier-one brands worldwide, Greenbase's manufacturing facilities are recognized as meeting rigorous quality standards, including those for safety, durability, and reliability. In addition, Greenbase not only provides quality manufacturing, but also a flexible supply chain and responsive services for its customers. From today's video surveillance toward tomorrow's video AIoT. Greenbase continues to strengthen its R&D capabilities, manufacturing capacity, and compliance with NDAA products made in Taiwan. With customer satisfaction, design for quality, employee empowerment, and social responsibility in mind, Greenbase is building competence in the video ecosystem and leading the way for the future intelligent vision of AIoT.

Engineering Capability

R&D and innovation are the driving force to our success in the industry. We have abundant engineers involved in the research and development allowed us to offer full customized service to esteem customers. We use automated design processes and information intelligence tools through seamless hardware/ software integration and established product/ design certification platforms. Our competitive ability stems from inventing key technologies and understanding industry trends. Our key competencies also includes:

• Excellent Image Quality Design
• Flexible/ Customized Software Design
• High Reliability Hardware Design
• Modular Structure Design
• Edge AI Design
• Full View Test Plan & Test Cases
• Bug Tracking System with Customers

Our Certificates

Quality is one of the most important corporate objectives of Greenbase and the essential value that underpins everything we do. With ISO 9001:2015 certification, we measure our products and services by our customer's requirements and we continually work to ensure sustained standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency through continuous improvement. This has made us a globally valued partner and sought-after ODM, OEM, and JDM suppliers in the video AIoT industry.

Project Management

We develop and manufacture our product exclusively in Taiwan and comply with NDAA requirement. With highly trained professionals working in a dependable environment who guarantee superior workmanship and maximum product quality. We also take on custom projects, working closely with the customer to develop highly customization solutions.


Quality Control

It has been years since Greenbase's product design and quality verified more than ten years of know-how and advanced facilities. Our rigorous automated production facilities and quality management system allow us to efficiently output high-quality products that fulfill our customers' unique demands.


ESG Sustainability

We take the responsibility and influence very seriously. For this reason, we have incorporated high standards of honesty, integrity, and sustainability into the company's code of conduct. Over the years, we have constantly increased our accountability and commitment to the environment and society. We hope to improve our strengths and overall performance to embrace a brighter, sustainable future alongside our partners in the value chain