NViS 1482: World-class Performance in an Affordable Package


The Trend

From the trend perspective, video surveillance has always been influential in the hardware market. The cameras connecting to recorders, enabling live viewing or the recording of footages shown on monitors has always been fundamental requirements in an application. Despite this fact, designs of IP cameras are constantly maturing along with technological advancements. Today, modern cameras are not limited to only image capturing and image encoding but has gained the capability of Video Content Analysis (VA), as well as NVR graphic decoding ability, fulfilling users with their desire for high-definition or inference contents.

The Challenge

A solution for users to achieve in increasing more camera display to more than 8ch while utilizing the Upper era Intel® SoC Apollo Lake (offering 1080P 2M 5ch real time display at 30fps benchmark by Milestone Xprotect), is to lower the frame rate from 30fps to 15~20fps; or fine tune the display resolution from 1080P to 720P. However, this brings upon a challenge, as video playback, application processing and/or the system may not run smoothly with the CPU utilization over 90%.

Although 4K and high resolution camera were not as popular before as compared to today, it was indeed more than sufficient to replace the Desktop NVR market. However, current high definition camera, for instance, Speed Dom, Fisheye, 4k bullet, dual camera has been significantly improved. This may cause many problems and challenges for Intel® SoC Apollo Lake due to insufficient specification in supporting the gradual improvement growth of high definition cameras.

NEXCOM Solution

Facing the challenge in high resolution deployment, NEXCOM is introducing the NViS 1482. It is equipped with Intel SoC Elkhart Lake processor, taking a huge leap forward in terms of its graphics capabilities with Intel® UHD Graphics. These specifications give NViS 1482 the ability to drive a maximum resolution of 4KP60 on displays, giving Admin monitors the clear and sharp resolution in real time display.

Embracing the new challenge in vast camera support, NEXCOM’s NViS 1482, equipped with Intel® Celeron® J6412, and Quad Core 2.0GHz on-die integrated processor GEN11 –LP GT1 graphic architecture offers outstanding 3D rendering and media performance, increasing decode ability to camera streaming. These image processing capabilities allow the system VMS (Video Management Software) to enable more camera streaming display. The performance results between Intel Atom® Processor X Series E3950 and Intel® Celeron® Processor J Series 6412 are shown in Table I.

In terms of camera decoding capabilities, NEXCOM NViS 1482 offers 11ch cameras in 1080P 2M @30FPS as shown in Table II.


With advanced Nanomanufacturing process and the combination of Intel’s new generation processor, Intel Elkhart lake Intel® Celeron® J6412 coupled with Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU and 11th Gen Intel® UHD Graphic with robust display controller, The NViS 1482 enables outstanding image decoding, delivering world-class performance. Fortunately, for users, they are able to replace and upgrade their inferior appliances to this one without too much additional cost. All of the above features support Intel Elkhart Lake in creating high-definition display surveillance recording products that are essential for a wide variety of surveillance application.