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PTZ cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events.

360° Panoramic Network Cameras

Panoramic cameras give you seamless 360° coverage with great detail and minimal distortion. Because they have multiple sensors, they provide wide coverage combined with high image quality and high pixel density.

Desktop Network Video Recorder

Optimized network video recorder design for IP video digital security and surveillance. Learn how Intel® solutions help increase performance and reduce cost and time to market.

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Catch It All with the NViS 1482 Desktop NVR Platform
NViS 1482, Greenbase’s newest desktop NVR, promises big things in a small package. Integrating Intel’s latest, top-of-the-line 8th Gen (Elkhart Lake) CPU and 11th Gen UHD GPU, the entry-level NVR appliance is the perfect companion to IP cameras for recording high-definition digital surveillance.
NViS 1482: World-class Performance in an Affordable Package
From the trend perspective, video surveillance has always been influential in the hardware market. The cameras connecting to recorders, enabling live viewing or the recording of footages shown on monitors has always been fundamental requirements in an application. Despite this fact, designs of IP cameras are constantly maturing along with technological advancements. Today, modern cameras are not limited to only image capturing and image encoding but has gained the capability of Video Content Analysis (VA), as well as NVR graphic decoding ability, fulfilling users with their desire for high-definition or inference contents.
NViS 1482 Inside the “War Room” with Seaport Terminal View
Seaport terminal has become one of the critical infrastructures everywhere around the world. Thousands of trucks entered the seaport each day, therefore, it needs special attention when it comes to monitoring and tracking the incoming trucks in real-time. Especially in the COVID-19 situation, the number of people that can enter the seaport is limited, and increased port congestion. With the increasing demand for IoT, war room can help the seaport operator to efficiently manage the seaport terminal operation while maintaining the limited number of people entering the seaport. The administrator can also easily review the performance of the seaport operation and take corrective action to increase operational productivity.
NViS 14162 Empowers Seaport Situation Room Operation Productivity
Kaohsiung port is the top 15 seaports in the world and the busiest seaport in Taiwan. With a handling capacity by 117 million TEU annually, the seaport is in full 24/7 operation and constantly receiving new missions. Therefore, it is really necessary for the seaport to have an efficient system to track and monitor the operations. The situation room can help the seaport operator to efficiently manage and monitor the seaport terminal operation. The administrator can also make decision based and easily review the performance of the seaport to take corrective action based on evidence recorded to enhance the operational productivity.